When I was notified that Jin Chan Yum Wai’s comic book series, High School Romance” was being printed as a graphic novel, collecting all seven chapters, I was enthusiastic to type an excerpt for the current LIVE Kickstarter campaign.  It was about a year ago that I reviewed the first issue (You can read it HERE), and after reading the premiere issue, I was hooked on this series!  Shortly after I reviewed issue two (You can read it HERE), and one of the neatest things readers will notice is that each chapter has a unique color scheme.  This separates each volume in a unique way, and readers can refer to them by that color scheme (issue one is the “pink issue, issue two is the “red issue,” etc.)  As of this posting, Monday April 30, 2018, this Kickstarter campaign has 27 days until it comes to an end!  With 35 backers and AU$1,259 of AU$3,500 goal…this Kickstarter campaign is off to a great start, but without those pledges, this project can’t come to life!  So click on the green “Kickstarter” links throughout this page, visit the official Kickstarter page, and make those pledges as soon as possible!

For starters, here’s the official Kickstarter video:

Here are more details taken directly from the Kickstarter page:

This Kickstarter is to fund the High School Romance graphic novel which collects all 7 chapters of the hit webcomic of the same name by Jin Chan Yum Wai. The book will come to a total of 224 full colour pages which includes exclusive bonus content which can only be read in the book itself such as an extra epilogue chapter, the making of and more!


What is this story about?

What if back in high school you had the guts to ask out the most popular kid at school. How would that have changed your life? How would the school react? What if they actually said YES!? The story answers those questions when Max Middles, a nobody at school asks out Candy Sweet the hottest most popular girl in school. You can read the whole story for free on the High School Romance website here: 


Who created, wrote, and illustrated “High School Romance?”

High School Romance is written and illustrated by me Jin Chan Yum Wai an Australian/Mauritian comic creator who currently lives in China. I love comics, whether it’s American comics, European comics, manga, you name it, I think comics is best medium ever and there is nothing more satisfying than creating new comics. Though I have been creating comics nearly my whole life High School Romance is my first serious project, other notable works I have are Captain Human the Robot which was a comic I did with writer Ryan K Lindsay and my new upcoming ongoing series Xero: King of Thieves which is being serialised in Saturday AM.


You can read more information about this series and about the various reward tiers at the Kickstarter page by clicking HERE.  Below are the first five pages of the first issue (the “pink issue“), thank you for taking the time to view my excerpt for the Kickstarter campaign for Jin Chan Yum Wai’s, High School Romance!”  View the reward tiers, select one that peaks your interest, and make those pledges before it’s too late!  This series is fun, entertaining, and it’ll be so great to hold a physical copy of “High School Romance” in my hands, flipping through those high quality pages!







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