Joanna is a mid-twenties office girl who likes social media and watered down coffee. While griping about her love life, she accidentally swiped right on a whole Pantheon of Gods and Goddesses! Looking to fulfill an ancient prophecy, only one of them will be able to claim Joanna as their own… after a nice dinner, that is!


Blessed” is a weekly webcomic I discovered on LINE WEBTOON when I was searching for comic related apps on my phone.  “Blessed” is created, written and illustrated by M. Victoria Robado, and she is an Argentinian artist & comic creator of everything cute!  The Line Webtoon app is free to download on the App Store or on Google Play.  The best part is that all of the comics featured on this app are free to read, and they’re categorized nicely into the different genres they fit in to.  From drama to fantasy, or comedy, action, romance, slice of life, superhero, thriller, sci-fi or sports, Line Webtoon has a genre for everybody to enjoy!


One of the first titles to grab my attention on Line Webtoon is this series called, “Blessed.”  The description sounded interesting and the artwork looked amazing, and the latest chapter is currently on episode 14 (new episodes appear every Friday), so catching up on this series wouldn’t take long.  This, and I’m a fan of well-written dramas/love stories, so “Blessed” was right up my alley.  The first episode introduces the readers to the protagonist, Joanna Bellmann, she’s twenty years old, and works for #IT Magazine…”The Best Resource For the Dating Scene In Willemen City.”  Joanna is in charge of the social media department because she is the best at the internet.  Readers will get a glimpse of Joanna’s work ethics…and how she feels about seeing so many happy couples on social media, and how lonely she is considering she’s the best at dating advice on social media.  After reminiscing past relationships, Joanna decides it’s time to download THAT dating app.  After swiping a few awful profiles, she has a match!  What happens next is what sets this series up for a thrill ride!


Episode one ends here, but the story comes into fruition beginning with episode two, and readers will be introduced to the remaining seven characters.  They are seven gods and goddesses from various realms of the universe who posses powers beyond imagination.  Their purpose is to fulfill an old prophecy: “The single offspring from the union of a god and a human will become the ultimate ruler of the universe.”  This is where the dates with Joanna comes in, the seven gods and goddesses will date Joanna, treat her to dinner, learn about her, and shower her with gifts.  Joanna has to choose one after all these dates, and she can’t back down because by swiping the profiles on the app, this became a legally binding contract.  This is why it’s important to read the “Terms of Service” with any app that you download…you never know what you’re getting yourself into.


Who will Joanna date first?  How will that go?  With all this going on, how will she deal with the stresses of work, and worse…her boss!  Download the app and read this series to find out the answers to these questions and more!  But first, here are some profiles of the seven gods and goddesses (personalities and traits will be revealed as more of these episodes are released, it’s still ongoing).

Fourteen episodes in and only a few dates completed, this series is highly enjoyable.  The mix of drama, comedy, romance, and emotions are well written per episode.  The artwork is beautifully illustrated, and the characters are ones that readers will definitely care about!  Overall, this series is fun to read, and Fridays can’t get here quick enough so we can read the next episode!  “Blessed” is a series that will do great in this new year of 2018, and creator M. Victoria Robado is an artist to keep your eyes on, her works of art are not to be overlooked, and this series proves it!  Fourteen episodes in, I rate “Blessed” 4.8 Geek-Heads out of 5, I highly recommend this series to any comic book reader!